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Over the years, I have read a number of biographies of leading political candidates and incumbents such Senator Rand Paul and Senator Mitch McConnell. As one would suspect, I have nothing in common with them or, for example, Secretary Trey Grayson or Doctor Rand Paul. I am an American from Kentucky that wants the U.S. Constitution returned as the foundation for the government of the United States of America.

Regarding the Honorable incumbent Senators, I sought the office of United States Senate in 2010 as an Independent. However, due to money, I became a write-in candidate. As a write-in candidate, the Secretary of State’s office allowed county clerks to include or not include my name on the 2010 ballot. Approximately 50% of the counties added my name, however, my home county (Laurel County) did not. Although a native of Laurel County, I received 2 votes for the United States Senate.

My life began on September 21, 1943 at the home of my father’s half sister in East Bernstadt, KY. My father was in the United States Marine Corps and my mother was a housewife, the best mother one could have, and she worked part-time to support our family. (My parents divorced the last time in 1955.) I have an older and younger sister.

A few years following the divorce of my parents, nine days after my 17th birthday, I joined the United States Air Force. (My mother had to sign and approve my enlistment.) My mother re-married. Needless to write, the step father and I did not see eye to eye.

I’ve been married and divorced twice. One daughter, May 7, 1965, by my first wife and a son (August 17, 1970), out-of-wedlock, while assigned in the Kingdom of Laos. At my return to the United States following my Laotian tour, I brought my son with me. His mother, a Thai woman, did not want to leave Southeast Asia. I paid an aunt in Detroit, Michigan to raise my son. No children with the second wife.

photo12302013..3During my career in the United States Air Force, I was fortunate or unfortunate, depending on one’s point of view, to have been assigned to sensitive assignments at the U.S. Embassy, Vientiane, Kingdom of Laos and the Joint Casualty Resolution Center (JCRC) Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Base, Kingdom of Thailand. These assignments required a Top Secret Clearance.

The Laotian assignment was as a Mister and without military status. At the Air Attache Defense Mission,, we ran the United States’ illegal air war in Laos. The JCRC assignment was more stressful than the Laotian tour as our mission was to go into Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and recover the remains of U.S. Missing In Action. When not in the field, assignees reviewed classified documents from numerous sources in an attempt to resolve MIA status. We, JCRC, changed MIA status’ to Deceased, Body Not Recovered or Deceased, Body Not Recoverable.

A few months prior to my retirement from the United States Air Force, I learned the U.S. Air Force was going to hire military retirees to train Royal Saudi Air Force Warrant Officers in applicable air force specialties. To this end, over the following 6 non-consecutive years I was assigned to King Khaild Air Base, Asir Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We lived and worked side by side with all Saudi’s from the enlisted, the senior command officers and members of the Saudi Royal Family.

And, I might add, what you read and hear from the national news media regarding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the people of the Middle East are in most part lies. For example, Septemeber 11, 2001 aerial attack on the US, former President George W Bush and former Vice President Richard Cheney were complicit in the attack. Since said date, in absentia former President George W Bush and former Vice President Richard Cheney were indicted by the Malaysian government as war criminals.

For example, since 1956, one may practice his or her own religion or not worship a religious entity. The only stipulation was the non-Muslim not attempt to disseminate religious literature or covert Muslims to another religion. Religion was to be practiced at our compounds.

In between employment assignments, in the Middle East, I was employed by London’s Storm Security as a security consultant for one month in Nassau, Bahamas.

Kentucky Supervisor for Pony Express Courier Service for less than 90 days. A housekeeping supervisor for 60 days at the Grand Teton Lodge, Wyoming. Travel Clerk and Testing Office at the Phoenix Military Entrance Processing Station, Phoenix, Arizona for a little over 2 l/1 years, My last employment was with the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers at Allen Park, Michigan and Louisville, Kentucky. I was medically retired in 1998 from the Louisville Medical Center as an Administrative Officer of the Day.

awardsDuring the 35 years of employment, I received a number of awards, ribbons, and medals for example: United States Air Force Meritorious Service Medal, Bronze Star with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster; Joint Service Commendation Medal; Army Outstanding Unit Award, Air Force Commendation Medal with 1 Silver Oak Leaf Cluster, Air Force Longevity Service Ribbon with 4 Oak Leaf Cluster; National Defense Service Medal; Vietnam Service Medal with 9 Bronze Stars; Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with 4 Combat “V” Devices. At the VA Medical Center, Allen Park, Michigan, one of my suggestions saved the U.S. Governments hundreds of thousands of dollars. (My share of the award allowed me to travel to Australia for two weeks.)

And, of course, one received monetary awards and certificates for outstanding work performance. Of interest was: Northrop Aircraft Service Division’s (Air Force Contract) Trainer of the Quarter that came with a $1.000.00 bonus.

Earlier I identified the prestigious assignments of my career. It was at these assignments, I learned of the abuse of our Constitution and the lack of integrity by individuals in positions of power within the United States government and/or Departments of the government.

After my medical retirement in 1998, I returned back home to London in 2001. Within several months after returning, I unsuccessfully ran, as a Republican Candidate, against the Honorable Harold Rogers in 2002 and 2004. To this end, one can never unseat Congressman Rogers as he builds on the welfare and criminal base in Kentucky’s 5th U.S. Congressional District. (With 2/3 of the 5th District receiving some type government subsistence. )

Moreover, I informed my fellow citizens throughout whatever mode available that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and pointed out other lies by the Bush Administration. No one listened. Didn’t want to loose their freebees.

Of note, to question my religious status, per the United States Constitution, is illegal but in tune with Kentucky’s culture I submit: I am a deist.

book-enoughAnd, although none were sold by national book stores, I am the author of four books: “My Struggle Too” (March 30, 2007), “Enough Is Enough” (December 7, 2009), “Republic Lost” (September 22, 2011), and “For Love of Country: The Military Aren’t Stupid Animals or Political Pawns” (July 2013). All books were published by Author House.

Recently, while in Corbin, I went in to “Books-A-Million” bookstore. I asked the attendant if they carried my book “Enough is Enough” in stock. She checked the computerized files. There was an annotation on the screen that identified my book saying the book was not for store display. However, should someone come in with a specific order for the book, the store would order and send the book to the buyer’s home address.

The book “My Struggle Too” didn’t have a chance. At a book signing in London, Jews and pro-Israel guests pointed at the name of the book and seated themselves. I suppose the reason was Adolph Hitler’s published book “”My Struggle”.

It is my opinion that no religion has the right of nationality. After all, religion is nothing but a belief. To this end, Jews in Germany were responsible for their own imprisonment and death camps.

I am seeking, against medical advise, the position of Kentucky’s 5th US Congressional District’s representative in the United States House of Representatives, as a Democratic Candidate, to replace the incumbent, the Honorable Harold Rogers (R).

Thank you for your attention.

With respect, I remain,

Billy Ray Wilson